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I heard similar stories growing up. I had tears in my eyes many times reading your stories and they really touched my heart.  I will keep these books with the hopes that my boys will read them someday so they can know about their heritage. Thank you for writing your books. Val--- Cheyenne, Wyo.


Karen Wamhoff Schutte was born and raised on a farm/ranch in the Big Horn Basin in Northwest Wyoming. The oldest of four daughters, she attended the first eight grades in a two-room school house, then riding a bus to high school in Greybull. She studied at the University of Wyoming, earning a Bachelor’s degree in Design Marketing; she owned and operated Interiors by Karen for twenty-five years. She and husband Michael have four grown sons and numerous grandchildren.


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I love to give presentations to groups like historical societies, museums and more. I also love to give talks to book clubs, it's one of my favorite things!!

My first novel, THE TICKET is the life saga of Karl and Katja Kessel. The reader discovers the peace and prosperity of their lives in a German colony in Austria/Hungary at the turn-of-the century. Why then did they decide to leave and immigrate to America?  The reader soon discovers why they left their home there and why Karl went first to America and Katja followed a year later with their three small sons. Karl was determined to be a success as a farmer and he was. He was totally unaware of the terrible toll his ambitious goals were taking on  the relationship with his family and in particular with his wife, Katja. They lived through the WWI, the Great Depression, then WWII when their third son signed up and was sent to the Philippines. The end of life for Karl and Katja was not what they had worked or hoped for, but it was what happened. 

My second novel, SEED of the VOLGA begins at a castle in the Black Forest of Germany and for grave reasons, takes the reader to the Volga River in Russia where scores of Germans settled upon invitation from Catherine the Great of Russia in 1765.  Here, David Steiner grew up in a strong German home and community. Bit by bit, all of the promises Catherine had made to them were taken away and the Russian government had them by the throat. David and wife Sofie decided to immigrate to America with their three small daughters. David was overwhelmed with the way of life and the endless opportunities in the new country and so they pulled up roots and moved time and time again, always searching for the kind of community and life they were used to in the 'old' country. This fast-moving story takes the reader with the Steiners as they struggle through the world wars, economic depression, and the news that their oldest son is listed as MIA in the Philippines. This is a page-turner, another life saga of love, sorrow, and disappointment; the thing that sustains them is their faith in God.  The Volga Germans came to this country with a sugar beet hoe in one hand and the Bible in the other!

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Seed of the Volga & The Ticket



"Last weekend I had my list of things to do...clean, do windows etc. Well....forget all that. I started your book and have done nothing but read. What a great book." - Ruthann, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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