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Flesh on the Bone


FLESH ON THE BONE is third in a trilogy of treasured family sagas and was awarded Best Historical Fiction by the Wyoming State Historical Society in Sept. 2015. The book is based on the author's great-grandparents and now in this novel, her grandparents.  Children of immigrants, Jake and Raisa Kessel are married in 1920; by 1925 they have two children of their own and a pile of growing debt. Hungry for new horizons, they pack up and head east to big city adventure and bright lights of Port Huron, Michigan. It's the Roaring Twenties, they are  'in the money' and living 'high on the hog'. It only takes a few years to run headlong into the Great Depression, mounting debt and soup lines.  Jake has to make some fast money to get his family out of Michigan and back to the safety of their Wyoming farm. He isn't choosy about what he has to do. A job is a job even if it might be illegal of dangerous.

This remarkably accurate account of life during the Roaring Twenties, Dirty Thirties, and WWII hits the mark. Schutte sheds light with ethnic simplicity on just how difficult life was and how the spirit of people endures.  She shows no fear in laying the tension, poverty, and heart-wrenching daily lives of her characters on the table. Schutte writes vividly explicit verse, getting into the heads and hearts of her readers. This book, this story will stay with you for a long time.

Alan K. Simpson, U.S, Senator, Wuo. (retired) endorses Schutte's novel. "This award-winning Wyoming author presents another splendid novel. It showcases Schutte's storytelling talents and her engaging ability to empathize with the characters as she paints a picture of powerful emotion for the reader."

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"Last weekend I had my list of things to do...clean, do windows etc. Well....forget all that. I started your book and have done nothing but read. What a great book." - Ruthann, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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