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My wife and I read your 2nd historical novel, SEED OF THE VOLGA.   We loved it and now want the other three---THE TICKET, FLESH ON THE BONE, AND TANK COMMANDER.  Also, let us know when your new book, GERMAN YANKEE is released.            

Thank you.  Merl & Edna Ross, Central City, NE.


Great Novel! I want to give a couple for Christmas presents--to a Brigadier General and a General in Washington D.C.    Tom, Washington, D. C. 


I just finished TANK COMMANDER and gave it FIVE stars! Great capture of PTSD of the greatest generation---an all-out understanding, especialy for current generations and their challenges in realizing that this isn't a new occurance as your well-written novel attests to. Good Read!   Tom, OIF veteran --  Laramie, WY. 

We can't keep your books in our library and I personally LOVE how you write. Hits my heart and hits home with me every time. Thanks----Powell Wy. Librarian

We need to order TEN more copies of TANK COMMANDER for our AHSGR chapter. My wife devoured all three of Karen's books in one week and can't wait for this new one.  Tim , Windsor, CO.

I just finished reading TANK COMMANDER and what a book all should read! So many do not know what our military goes through and this books nails it. Your research was extensive.  Normally, I DO NOT read fiction, but my wife urged me to try your first book THE TICKET and I was hooked. Thanks for writing this book, it is gift to many and well worth the wait!    BOB---Sheridan, WY.

"I know it isn't out yet, but I've enclosed my check for your next book, TANK COMMANDER.  I so much enjoy your books and can't wait to get my hands on this next one.  It's so important to remember and to learn of the sacrafices our ancestors have made for us."  George, Lander, WY.

First Editors response for the manuscript of THE TANK COMMANDER.

"I can't put it down. You have written another outstanding book. The first few ages pulled me in and won't let go. I will read it and then go back and read and mark any corrections---because I can't quit reading to mark it on first reading. "   Military Editor


SEED OF THE VOLGA again placed as one of six a finalists by the 9th Annual National Indie Excellence Awards.  2015 

I loved reading your first two books and loaned them to a friend who also enjoyed them. I want to order the first three for my friend and an extra copy of your new one, FLESH ON THE BONE, for me. We both just love your books. When is the next one coming out?  Marcie, Loveland, CO.

FLESH on the BONE was awarded first in Historical Fiction by the Wyoming State Historical Society at the awards lucheon in 2015.  THE TICKET was also awarded this same award.



I taught at Lovell High School for thirty years. I read THE TICKET and am in the process of reading SEED OF THE VOLGA. I really enjoyed reading them. I have the third book laying on my desk and can't wait to get to that one!  Thanks for the good reads!  Doug, Lovell WY.

"I received the book and have read up to the 17th chapter. Ms. Schutte is an excellent writer and I love this type of book. I have many others on my shelf, but I think this will find its way to nearly the top of that list."   Audrey B.


I am please to announce that--- FLESH on the BONE was an "Award-Winning Finalist" in both the "Fiction-Historical AND Cover Design" catagories of the 2014 USA Best Book Awards.  I am very please with this award---my book was one of four finalists.


"What a wonderful gift you have given my Mom! She had lost so many interests since Dad passed two years ago. Your books have re-kindled a new passion for reading that she had lost. She absolutely poured through your wonderful writings, one after the other. You have a gift for leaving the reader wanting more and more and more of your words!"  Jan  Sheridan, WY


"It was like living some of my childhood over. I cried my eyes out.  What a great great story and we are telling everyone to buy or read this book, FLESH ON THE BONE."     George    Monroe, WI


I was recently awarded the PEN AWARD by the Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers for my work as a Colorado historical author.



I just finished your book SEED OF THE VOLGA. I started reading your book yesterday and could not put it down.  My ancestors come from the same area and so this book was especially wonderful.  I am looking forward to your next book and to meeting you in Hays, Kansas this fall.  You have a wonderful talent and I'm so pleased I read your book.

God Bless---- Ann Weber, Fairview, OK

I'm a huge fan of your books! Your dialogue is snappy and it's like I could physically hear every word.  Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I love your work and admire you as an author. I want more people to experience your novels. Everyone deserves to hear your stories.

Robert Morgan, author of THE GAP

An interesting read. You powerfully evoke this bygone time and place by crafting characters who have depth and authenticity. The archaic dialogue and historical details help achieve this. This novel is well written and entertaining!

DAVID, final editor for FLESH ON THE BONE

I purchased SEED OF THE VOLGA from you at the Omaha Author's Fair last weekend. I am enjoying it very much.  Good writing and good story, especially since it's based on a true story.

 Darrel, Omaha, NE

I heard similar stories growing up. I had tears in my eyes many times reading your stories and they really touched my heart.  I will keep these books with the hopes that my sons will read them someday and know about their heritage.      Thank you for writing your books.

Val, Cheyenne, WY

"I recently finished reading "SEED OF THE VOLGA".  I so identified with this book and it filled in a lot of blank spaces for me as to the living condition of the Volga Germans in Russia and why they left Germany in the first place. I just wanted to let you know how much your book meant to me. I have ordered your books for my siblings and I know they will love them as much as I have. God bless your endeavors as you continue to write. I can't wait until your third book comes out!"

Pat Dobry, Alliance, NE

“Last Saturday in Torrington, WY. at the 60th annual awards banquet, my first novel, THE TICKET, was awarded FIRST PLACE in the fiction category.  I am so humbled and honored receiving this award.  It is very encouraging for my writing.”

I recently began reading, SEED OF THE VOLGA, and I am enjoying it very much, just as I did your first novel. You are an excellent writer.

Elaine, Laramie, WY

"Schutte has taken an interesting family story and turned it into a compelling novel."

Nancy Hansford, author and critic in Fort Collins, CO

'I learned things I didn't know before and love when that happens. The audience wanted to know when your next book will be out--that has to be music to your ears.  GREAT!!

Mary, Greeley, CO

'I was so taken back and excited by your book, SEED OF THE VOLGA. My people came from the Volga too. God Bless you and your writing--I am going to buy more for gifts!"

Charlotte, Sheridan, WY

"Karen Schutte's The Ticket is a rare debut novel that hits the mark and allows it to stand proudly with any novel on your reading list. The Ticket is engaging, fast paced and reacquaints you with the emotions and accurate details of World War II and the Great Depression. Schutte created characters based upon her great-grandparents who led compelling lives enriched with their inner struggles, sorrows and joys. I have never read a more absorbing description of the Bataan Death March and other historical details.

The Ticket will stay with you for a long time after you finish reading it thanks to its deep characters. The Ticket is a winner and would be a great book group feature.

Nancy Hansford, Fort Collins Coloradoan

"I could not believe it; within the first 10 pages I was LIVING the story. It just pulled me in and I could not put it down. I read the entire book in 3 evenings (early mornings) and loved every minute of it."

Tim, Purcellville, VA

"Last weekend I had my list of things to do...clean, do windows etc. Well....forget all that. I started your book and have done nothing but read. What a great book."

Ruthann, Cheyenne, WY

"Karen, terrific book! You brought this story to life with wonderful descriptions, characters and, obviously tons of research. It’s a great story and you shared it with pride."

Mike, San Jose, CA

"Karen, WOW! I want you to know how much I enjoyed your book! It was very hard to put down. Keep up the great work and put me on your list for your next book."

Ruth, Fort Collins, CO

"Hey, lady—just finished The Ticket; what a treasure you created!! I loved it!!" 

Rita, Bentonville, AR

“Karen, as I read your book, I felt the anguish, happy and sad emotions and their struggles. Please know how much I enjoyed your book! Great writing Karen! Don’t stop, you have uncovered a beautiful talent."

Keith, Powell, WY

"You have the wonderful gift of storytelling, and what a story it was! So enjoyed reading about the immigration experience, especially since it is part of my history as well – since I don’t have the details, it helped me form a picture of my own family’s journey to America. Thanks for sharing this with the world."

Justine, Bismark, ND

"I loved your book so much, I have read it 5 times and, even though I know what is coming, I still found myself reaching for the Kleenex. Now I really can’t wait for your next one!!"

Julia, Greybull, WY

"The book is wonderful!!! It gives me goose bumps...I feel like I’m living during the time period...your writing is so 'real'!!!”

Roma, Akron, CO

"Karen, what a story! You wrote it in a way that I was always there, seeing, feeling, and smelling all of it! How blessed all of your family is for you to have put this powerful family history together. Generations will benefit from the clear understanding of where they came from. I can see this book working its way into the schools!" 

Denise, Boca Raton, FL

SEED OF THE VOLGA is a wonderful book, even better than the first one. I learned so much about the Volga and the people who settled there.

Kay, Hobbs, NM

Am in the middle of reading your second novel, SEED OF THE VOLGA, its really good--you just keep getting better!

Janie, Torrington, WY

I just finished reading "THE TICKET"--it is great!! I started and after just a few pages, I couldn't put it down! A worthwhile read for sure. Thank you and I'm looking forward to reading SEED OF THE VOLGA as well.

Linda S, Shell, WY

I have just finished reading where David and Sofie leave their home and families in the Volga village of Susannental, Russia, to immigrate to America. I can't imagine doing something that hard. I feel their pain and fear through your words and I am --bawling.

Angie, Greeley, CO

I have found your second novel, SEED OF THE VOLGA as delightful and informative as  your first book, THE TICKET.  The  'word pictures'  you so skillfully 'paint' are fantastic. The historical records and facts that you weave into the story are truly with 'a spoon full of sugar.'

Cleo, Burlington, WY

I Started SEED of the VOLGA last night. The first 60 pages flew by. What a wonderful work! I have already recommended it to a local book club for their next read.

Al, KUGR, Green River, WY

"This is historical writing at it's best! The description of the birth of David was so gripping, so real that I found myself holding my breath as my own memories came to mind.  Marvelous verbs throughout this novel. The facts are so interesting---this is such a great story!"

- Amazing!  Diana, Helena, MT

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"Last weekend I had my list of things to do...clean, do windows etc. Well....forget all that. I started your book and have done nothing but read. What a great book." - Ruthann, Cheyenne, Wyoming

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