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From Janice Young

By Karen Schutte | Dec 31, 2019

PrintYour research and detail is fascinating. Your good heart and compassion for human struggles is so moving. Your books are a form of therapy for me. Because of them I understand both my history and childhood so much better. Tank Commander was a tough read for me. My father was killed in August of 1944 … Continue reading “From Janice Young”

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Writeup in the Wyoming Library Roundup

By Karen Schutte | May 21, 2018

PrintWriting her historical novel The Ticket was an unintended journey for author Karen Schutte who initially wanted to write down her family’s saga for her grandchildren. “I did not want the stories to die,” Schutte said, explaining that true tales make up the skeleton of the novel.   Download a PDF of the Newsletter

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