Seed of the Volga


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The warm autumn air was thick with acrid smoke and the smell of fresh blood. Heinz Steiner crouched low in the dense thicket. As the crack of gunshots and screams echoed through the dense woods, he stopped and carefully considered his options. The sounds were coming from near the clearing at the north edge of the woods where the widow Rothnig and her five scrawny, starving spawn lived in a makeshift hovel. Unarmed, Heinz was no match for the élite French troops who relentlessly terrorized the lower Rhine and upper Danube River Valleys. They killed whatever and whomever happened to be in their path, and they enjoyed it. When Princess Theraisa Von Steiner discovers she is with child soon after the tragic death of her beloved David Ritter, there is no match for the trepidation that consumes her soul. The smallest level of comfort finds her when her Aunt Louisa offers the only solution: travel to the Volga to have the child in secret. Little did Theraisa and Louisa know that the journey would be so perilous, and the newborn child would be the one responsible for bringing the Steiner bloodline to America at the turn of the century. Based on the true story of author Karen Schutte’s family, Seed of the Volga captures the chilling tale of her ancestor’s journey to the German settlements along the Volga River in Russia. They left their friends and family and the only home they had ever known, realizing they would never see them again. Over 140 years later the German felt the hot breath of Russian politics breathing down their necks and they chose to leave their prosperous settlements along Russia’s Volga River.  In 1907 David and Sofie Steiner discovered the streets in America were not lined with gold.

Awards – Historical Fiction – 2015. Pen award Rocky Mtn. Fiction Writers – 2013, One of 7 Finalist – National Indie Excellence

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